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Have you been looking for a monthly subscription box for women? You should try FabFitFun Box! You can find a wide variety of beauty, fashion, and home products with this set. In this article, you will find out about the FabFitFun Box and its types.

It is a monthly subscription set that contains a wide variety of products for women. The box can be personalized to fit your needs. There are three types of boxes: Fab Fit Fun box, set with a Twist, and carton with a Jewelry Bonus. It contains 4 to 5 full-size products. Carton with a Twist contains 4 to 5 full-size products, and the set with a Jewelry Bonus contains 2 to 3 full-size jewelry items.

What's in The Box

It's an affordable way to try out new products before committing to the full-sized version. Cartonis $49.99. It has to be ordered every month. It has over $200 worth of products in it. You can't pick and choose what you want in the box.

They usually have a theme for the month's FabFitFun with promo code which they try to carry through their items. For example, when it's a fitness box they have a lot of fitness related items in the carton. The products in the box are a mix of products and deluxe travel-sized samples.

FabFitFun subscription includes a variety of products. For example, the February 2018 included a flash dry towel, a hair mask, a large, plush robe, a local honey pack, an organic mixed nuts pack, an organic hemp seed pack, a set of six kimonos, and a set of six button-up pajamas.

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Box with fitness is the only carton that contains fitness products. The FabFitFun boxes with fashion is different from other boxes in that it is the only box that includes a fashion item in each set. Carton with beauty is the only set that includes beauty products.

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Winter & Summer Box

Winter FabFitFun is filled with beauty items, including a mask, hair oil, hair mask, hair ties, nail polish, hand cream, body lotion, face mask, and more.

Summer set is filled with great summer fashion items, including a one-piece swimsuit, a pair of espadrilles, a swimsuit cover-up, a pair of sunglasses, a straw bag, a pair of earrings, a scarf, a pair of shorts, a sarong, an aloha tee, a pair of flip flops, a pack of cozy socks, and more.

On the website, you can also find seasonal boxes for women for spring, fall, and FabFitFun summer versions which are all filled with great items for the season.


  • What is it and how can I get a FabFitFun coupon?
    FabFitFun is a seasonal subscription service that sends subscribers a variety of beauty, fitness, and wellness products each season. Each carton contains $200+ worth of products including items from well-known brands.
  • What is included in the FabFitFun men's box?
    Each product includes 4-5 full-size items in beauty, wellness, fashion, or lifestyle categories and has a value of at least $200. Set comes with a pamphlet that describes each item and how to use it. If you see an item you don't like, you can exchange it for a different one in the next delivery. FabFitFun only sends items that are new and trending. They don't send anything that was previously available in a subscription set. (Items will only be sold in future boxes.) Every season, fall FabFitFun box collaborates with a different celebrity and/or influencer for the box.
  • What is the FabFitFun special edition?
    That releases a special proposition every season (Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer). The cost of the special edition set is $89.99 (or $89.99 + $19.99 shipping if you sign up for a season that doesn't include a special edition set). Each season, the special edition carton will include a higher value than the regular set. You can choose to skip the special edition FabFitFun promo or cancel your subscription at any time. If you sign up now, your first set will be the special edition carton for the season you choose.
  • Is the cost of the box worth the cost?
    It is difficult to determine whether or not it is worth the cost without comparing it to similar subscriptions. It is a relatively new subscription service, so there are not a lot of comparisons available.


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